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Nouse™ is a unique technology that allows
users to work with a computer hands-free using
only a webcam and the movement of their nose.
"I became paralyzed two years ago... Nouse has allowed me to use all the software on my laptop... I am now able to communicate with my family and friends on a daily basis again, for which I am ever so grateful! " -
Read the entire testimonial, entirely written with the nose using the Nouse™ software.

In 2015, Canada Science and Technology Museum acquired Nouse for its exhibition - "The research and innovation inherent in the development of Nouse, as well as its applications and intended audience, makes this piece a welcome addition to the existing collection of assistive technologies at the Canada Science and Technology Museum." - Read more from Museum website.

Cost Effective, No Gear Required, Easy to Install
All a user needs is a computer with a webcam; no other gadgets, head gear or markers required. In fact, you can start using it in 10 minutes from now by downloading Nouse software from this website!

Precision with only a small Range of Motion
Patented sub-pixel precision feature tracking combined with "joystick" control scheme allows the user to navigate to anywhere on a computer screen without requiring a large range of motion and click literally on any pixel on the screen!

General control with ability to perform all mouse actions
Nouse is designed to provide a very intuitive and simple way to perform any of the mouse actions: left click, right click, double click and drag, making it possible to perform any computer task that a regular computer user can perform, using a keyboard and mouse.

High degree of configurability
Every Nouse user’s skills are unique. Thus, the Nouse has a wide variety of settings so it can be matched to the user’s personal preference or situation. The setting allows the user to take into consideration head range of motion, visual ability, communication skills and cognitive skill. Several methods for mouse clicks are provided: voice commands, auto left mouse click, mouth motion and others.

Portable and Versatile
Works on desktop or notebook computer from home, office, school, or care facility. Can be used for many applications, for personal or public use. The only technology that is suitable for cyber-cafe settings, where a single computer can be used by anyone!

Built-in configurable on-screen keyboard
Build-in NouseBoard eliminates the necessity of a physical keyboard device or other typing software; makes hands-free computing and typing possible. It has word prediction and can be configured to type any character or run shortcuts to many computer commands!






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